Compaq ProLinea CDS QVision and AVGA Support driver Descărcare gratuita (ver. 1.­20 A)

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QVision and AVGA Support (ver. 1.­20 A) Lansat 1996.07.12.

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Categorie Calculator
Brand Compaq
Dispozitiv ProLinea CDS
Sisteme de operare Windows 95
Versiune 1.­20 A
Mărimea fișierului 993 Kb
Lansat 1996.07.12
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QVision and AVGA Support for Compaq ProLinea CDS Type: Driver - Graphics This software provides support for the Compaq QVision graphics controller,­ Compaq QVision/­P graphics controller,­ and Compaq AVGA (Advanced Video Graphics Adapter) graphics controller in a Microsoft Windows 95 environment.­ To find out if your computer has one of the abovementioned graphics controllers,­ open the Windows 95 Control Panel and double-click the "System" icon.­ In the "System Properties" dialog choose the "Device Manager" tab,­ make sure that "View devices by type" is checked,­ then click the plus symbol ("+") next to "Display adapters".­ The name of the graphics adapter used by your computer will appear beneath the "Display adapters" node on the device tree.­

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